0611405   Radio ANI Duress Alarm –   Audio / Visual


The Benelec 0611405 Radio ANI Duress Alarm has integrated 5 tone decode signalling to identify radio users in trouble. The decoder is capable of decoding all common 5 Tone signalling protocols. The Alarm provides a loud Audio Alarm tone and displays the ANI number activating the duress call. A reset button disables the Audio Alarm Tone. The Duress Alarm has been designed to work within a Control Room environment, interfaced to a link radio of any brand or model, which receives the Audio sent from the End users radio in trouble. The unit is Factory programmed to your ANI tones to respond to the Duress activation. The unit will accept up to 5 consecutive duress calls and display these by scrolling the ID numbers in trouble. We will also be developing an MDC1200 signalling version. Benelec Engineers can tailor the Alarm to suit your needs, contact us with your applications.


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Control Room Duress Alarm, providing Visual ANI number for radio in trouble and Audible Alarm to raise attention to the issue.


Factory Programmed to your needs


  • Heavy Duty, Wall or Desk Mounted, via brackets supplied.

  • Large LED display 

  • 3 Digit ANI code displaying up to 999 users

  • Consecutively receives up to 5 Duress calls

  • Scrolls through multiple Duress calls

  • Loud Audible Alarm on Duress Call

  • Audible Alarm Reset button

  • External Programming Port

  • 240VAC plug pack supplied

  • 3 Years Guarantee.

Mounting Options

Supplied Wall Mounting bracket provides flexible mounting options. Optional 19 “ Rack mounted 3RU available on Request   


 Radio Signaling: 5 Tone ANI – All 5 Tone variants including custom tones on request

 LED Digits: 3

 LED Size:p; 55mm height x 40mm width

 Number of ANI Tones: 999

 Audible Alarm:  Loud Single tone Buzzer

 Powered By: 240VAC plug Pack or host radio

 Alarm Size: 160x95x50mm

 Weight: 280  

 06110406   Radio Desktop ANI Control Mike 

The 06110406 Radio Desktop ANI controller uses 5 tone encode and decode signalling to identify and communicate with radio users. The Benelec ANI Desk Controller has been designed to work within a Control Room environment, interfaced to a link radio or local repeater. The Desktop controller provides multiple functions including : Paging individual radios, Mike On – remotely activated a users radio microphone in case of an emergency, Radio Stun and Radio revive – to deactivate or re-activate stolen radios, Display Duress calls and radio ID’s, Displays radio ID’s for every PTT in the network. The Desk Top Controller provides a High Quality Goose Neck Microphone and PTT access to the network. A back-lit display provides the user detailed information and Benelec Engineers can tailor our ANI Desk Controller to suite your needs, contact us with your applications.    



Control Room Radio Desktop ANI controller, providing Visual ANI number for radio communications and a full Keypad for ANI control. A Gooseneck microphone and PTT allow users to interface to the radio network.


Factory Programmed to your needs


  • Back Lit LCD 16x2 Alpha-numeric.

  • 16 Key Keypad.

  • 6 Programmable buttons 

  • Slide Volume Control

  • Built in Audio Speaker

  • High Quality Goose Neck Microphone

  • PTT Button

  • TOT – Adjustable Time out Timer

  • 16 Character Alpha-Tag / radio- up to 150 radios

  • Password Protection

  • Desk Controller can be remotely Stunned

  • Rugged Heavy Duty Construction

  • Supplied with 2 way Audio Bridge to allow interfacing to all radio brands

  • 3 Years Warranty.


 Radio Signalling:               5 Tone ANI – Supports all 5 Tone types as well as custom tones

 LCD Display:                      65 x 15mm  - 2 lines 16 characters per line

 LCD Lighting:                    Back Lit

 Speaker:                           4 Ohms 2 watts

 Powered By:                     12VDC, Plug Pack or Host Radio

 Gooseneck Length:           430mm

 Desktop Controller Size:   230x80x105mm

 Weight:                             975g


Benelec Box – 1 pcs / carton @ 2 kg 250 x 250 x 250mm

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