07820 Surveillance Kit




Transparent acoustic tube earpiece receives superior sound even in noisy environment. 2 wire surveillance PTT Microphone delivers great sound, easily clips to the user's lapel, and conveniently makes it a snap to use.

Complete Surveillance Kit (with fixed termination)  

  07820H with replaceable termination  

Keyed  H Interface with locking ring means the plug/socket will only go together one way and will come apart only when you need it to.

 - Replaceable Transparent Acoustic Tube
 - Compact Covert Design
 - Combined PTT & Mike hand Piece
 - Spare Tube and Ear buds available
 - Termination to suite most Radios
 For available STOCKS & terminations  refer to Terminations List
 Technical Specifications
 Mechanical Characteristics
 Sound Pressure Level (SPL)  104 2dB @ 1000Hz
 Approximate Weight  90g
 Operating Temperature  -30C ~ +80C
 PTT Operations  > 1 million nominal
  Electrical Characteristics for Speaker
 Sound Pressure Level (SPL)  100 2dB
 Frequency Range  500 Hz to 8 KHz
 Impedance (Microphone)  110 ohm 10%
 Audio Output  150 mW
  Electrical Characteristic for Microphone
 Sensitivity   -40dB 2dB
 Frequency Range  100 Hz to 10 KHz
 Operating Voltage  1.5 to 10V
 Current Consumption  Max. 0.5mA
 Impedance  2.2kohm
 Optional Accessories
 Part#  Description Images
 07820T  Replacement Ear Tube with Transducer & 2 pcs Ear Bud

 07820B  Replacement Ear Buds pack of 25 pcs

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